MAIC-2  Revision 19
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file  boundary_maic2.F90 [code]
 Determination of the surface temperature and of the net mass balance (accumulation-ablation rate) for the polar caps of Mars.
file  calc_top_maic2.F90 [code]
 Computation of the ice-cap topography.
file  condensation.f90 [code]
 Computation of the condensation rate.
file  diff_trans.F90 [code]
 Diffusive transport of water in the Martian atmosphere.
file  evaporation.f90 [code]
 Computation of the evaporation rate (buoyant-diffusion approach by Ingersoll).
file  get_orb_par.F90 [code]
 Determination of the orbital parameters (eccentricity, obliquity, climate parameter CP, anomaly of vernal equinox, mean-annual north- or south-polar insolation).
file  get_psi_tab.F90 [code]
 Computation of the table of true anomalies (orbital positions with respect to perihelion) over a Martian year.
file  instemp.f90 [code]
 Computation of the daily mean surface temperature of Mars based on obliquity, eccentricity and the anomaly of vernal equinox (local insolation temperature = LIS scheme).
file  maic2_types.F90 [code]
 Declarations of kind types for MAIC-2.
file  maic2_variables.F90 [code]
 Declarations of global variables for MAIC-2.
file  output.F90 [code]
 Data output.
file  p_sat.f90 [code]
 Computation of the water-vapour saturation pressure.
file  tri_sle.F90 [code]
 Solution of a system of linear equations Ax=b with tridiagonal matrix A.